Celiac or Just Gluten Intolerant?

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There seem to be many more people aware of gluten free products that are available nowadays, not just from specialist suppliers, but from your regular supermarket.  I know only too well the problems that eating wheat can cause, and it took me a long time to figure out that my bloating and lethargy were related to what I had been eating.

By following an elimination diet I was able to eventually narrow it down to gluten containing foods.  As a real pasta lover this proved difficult as I really love that comfortably full feeling after a big macaroni cheese with fresh crusty farmhouse bread.

Fortunately there are gluten free pasta’s available usually based on tapioca flour and though the taste is slightly different it comes down to the right sauces that you put on it that gives it the flavour and yumminess!  Here again you need to check that the sauce hasn’t got any hidden wheat flour or soy sauce listed in the ingredients, as both of them contain gluten.

I have learnt to make my own bread using a bread maker and a mix of specialist flours that I buy from my local farmers market.  The guy that runs the stall is a celiac and all his stuff is just perfect for me.  Big shout out to Dave!

I am gluten intolerant, not celiac, but I find a lot of the products designed for them, can help me too rather than taking the time to read all the labels I can just get the main basics from them and know I will feel good after cooking any meals using their ingredients.


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