Chaos in the Kitchen

Posted on 28. Aug, 2013 by in Uncategorized

Whew! What a few weeks it’s been.  Sorry for the delay in updates on the blogging front but we have had the builders in at home and the new kitchen extension with an oak frame and cedar shingle roof is just about finished.  For those of you who have seen the progress in the flesh or in my photo’s over on flickr, you will know what a mess it has been.  I have dust in places you wouldn’t believe!

Suffice to say progress here should proceed without further setbacks.  I am just glad the main construction is done, plastering and electrics are in.  Painting is going on right now, and then it’s my favourite part where I get to buy some new nicknacks and pick out some fabrics for the upholstered pine benches that we are going to be using for seating round one side of the kitchen table.  If you can visualise it, the main table is in one corner of the room and will have an old pine pew which our carpenter friend Jay has cut down to fit the space.  The other side will have a mix of chairs I have already got as well as a few auction finds, and I will be matching them all in with the same fabric seating.  A pink gingham is current favourite, though knowing how often I change my mind it may well be different when I get the final photo’s done.  If you are wanting a new extension, partial or full re-roof then I can recommend to fix you up – they were great.  And no they aren’t paying me to say this, the lads all worked hard and the only delays have been to do with re-routing central heating pipes and getting rid of some old asbestos insulation boards they found around where the old cooker was.  Still I’m glad it’s all sorted and I have already been mixing up a few new recipes ready for autumn.  Until then eat well.

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